Friday, August 15, 2008

Kapampangan Theme Songs for a Kapampangan TV Series

Another press release.

Infomax.8, a Kapampangan cable channel based in the City of San Fernando, and Kalalangan Kamaru, a group of multidisciplinary Kapampangan youth cultural workers, are seeking to revolutionize Kapampangan mass media by crafting the first ever Kapampanganovela (Kapampangan telenovela) in the history of Philippine broadcasting.

"Kalam" tackles the life and adventures of a new generation of witches and healers (gifted people, or in Kapampangan, ding ating kalam) born in urban Pampanga and how they struggle to fit in a skeptical, discriminating, and fearful society. It will be an exciting mix of urban fantasy, action, romantic comedy, drama, and social relevance, while using Kapampangan culture—both past and present, folk and modern, rural and urban—as canvass.

The dialogues in "Kalam" are in the Kapampangan language, except in special cases where English and Tagalog are realistically the fitting languages. With that mentioned, it will be a sin to not get Kapampangan songs to serve as as the opening and closing theme songs of "Kalam," which were recorded at Kid's Place Recording Studio in Salapungan, Angeles City.

Pamuklat a Dalit (Opening Song)

Ing likuan mu kanaku
E ne agyu ning nanu mang panulu

Four members of 2007 Angeles City San Miguel Beer Battle of the Bands champion 5 Against The Wall (Jon Tanganco, bass; Jaynard Bengo, drums; Nhoel Austria, guitar; Arnold Espino, vocals), the vocalist of Guagua-based Red Horse Muziklaban finalist rock band Nora Aunor Fans' Club (Ramcos Nulud), and a Mabalacat-residing teenage violinist John Canlas collaborate to create the opening theme song of "Kalam." 5 Against The Wall and Nora Aunor Fans' Club were both participating bands in Kalalangan Kamaru's and Holy Angel University Center for Kapampangan Studies' RocKapampangan project, with the former doing a reggae version of 'Sibul Na Ning Arayat' and the latter composing a blues version of a hilarious Kapampangan children's song they titled 'Kaplas.'

The lyrics written by "Kalam" writer and director Jason Paul Laxamana, the title of the song is Alang Anggang Sugat (Eternal Wound) and it talks about the dark betrayal of a person whom one used to trust deeply. Such betrayal causes one a traumatic and deep wound bound to last for eternity. To give the song a spin, the genre of the song is metal—in spite of 5 Against The Wall known locally for its reggae sound—fused with a bit of classical, thanks to the violin of Canlas, who is a college senior from the Holy Angel University and a member of its Theater Guild.

To honor two of the great Kapampangan poets, the song used excerpts of poems by Jose Gallardo (one of his Malikwatas or 'Magic Poems' and 'Ing Biye Alang Bakas') and Mariano Sigua ('Aduang Curan') in its rap parts.

Panyarang Dalit (Closing Song)

Mibalik na ka kaku / uling e ku agyu
Ibalik ta ing oras / na ning pamiyabe tamu

Tarlac City-based Kapampangan band Mernuts—popular through YouTube for rendering Kapampangan translations of songs such as Rihanna's 'Umbrella' and Beyonce's 'Irreplaceable'—made their original composition 'Oras' to serve as the closing song of "Kalam."

The song, penned by vocalist Jhaye Arzaga, is their second original Kapampangan composition after 'Aliwa Kang Talaga,' their contribution in the RocKapampangan album released last February. 'Oras' is a love song of longing, inviting a loved one after a serious fight to turn back time, when love was still pure.

Music Videos: Fusion of pop and local culture

The Kapampangan youth, who have been part of the so-called MTV generation, will not be disappointed when they see the music videos created for the theme songs, which are regularly aired on the Infomax channel. They may also be viewed by checking out the YouTube account of 'sisigman.'

In spite of the pop culture theme of the music videos, Kapampangan culture enthusiasts will not be disappointed as well, as the creative team made it a point to fuse pop culture and local culture.

Shot in the City of San Fernando, the music video of 'Oras' features not only a number of the main cast of "Kalam," but also Roland Quiambao, Pampanga's giant lantern master, and some of his beautiful works.

Shot in the Henson-Hizon heritage mansion care of Corito Panlilio-Lim, the music video of 'Alang Anggang Sugat' could serve as an independent short film, as it boldly shows the experience of a girl raped by her trusted male friends and how the loss of her virginity caused social stigma, until she decided to end her torment by committing suicide. The non-conservative treatment of the video has caused some to brand it "too dark and gory," while some reacted in awe and called it a "piece of art" and "at par with international music videos." Maleldo (Holy Week) icons were used as well to poetically show emotions of regret and suffering.

Yubs, the lead character in "Kalam" played by Aries Yap, and his Kularyut sidekick, Kool, albeit played by a different person, are also in the video.

Both videos were directed by Laxamana, with the aid of Kalalangan Kamaru members Diego Marx Dobles (Asst. Director), Jon Tanganco and Nhoel Austria (Set Designers), and the technical team of Infomax. 8 including Joven Mallari (Technical Director), Ashly Nunag (Camera Man), Martin Reyes (Asst. Camera Man), and Teri Dela Pena (Production Assistant). Editors: Laxamana and Dobles.

Catch the bands behind the theme songs, together with the public screening of their music videos, on the 27th of August at the Entertainment Plaza of SM City Pampanga. It will be the Primerung Pasinag or Grand Premiere of "Kalam," where the first full episode of "Kalam" will be screened in advance. Visit for more info and text 09186992459 for inquiries.


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