Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Kamaru, Infomax sign contract for co-prod of 'Kalam'

CITY OF SAN FERNANDO--Last May 27, Kalalangan Kamaru guested in Infomax-8's weekly morning talk show 'Personalan,' hosted by Rey Yumang and Mau Aquino. Set in the Henson-Hizon Mansion, the episode was about Kalalangan Kamaru, its advocacy, and 'Kalam,' its latest offering not only to the Kapampangan community but also to Philippine broadcasting history. It is the title of the upcoming Kapampanganovela (Kapampangan TV series) that Kamaru and Infomax will be co-producing.

'Kalam' will be the first ever TV series in the Kapampangan language, making it a milestone in Philippine mass media and a huge step in Kapampangan cultural preservation and development.

Making the Kapampangan youth as its target audience, 'Kalam' tackles the life and adventures of a new generation of witches and healers (gifted people, or in Kapampangan, ding ating kalam) born in urban Pampanga and how they struggle to fit in a skeptical, discriminating, and fearful society. It will be an exciting mix of urban fantasy, action, romantic comedy, drama, and social relevance, while using Kapampangan culture--both past and present, folk and modern, rural and urban--as canvass.

After the interview, Kalalangan Kamaru, represented by Jason Paul Laxamana and Diego Marx Dobles, signed a one-season (13 episodes) co-production contract with Infomax-8, represented by Mau Aquino, General Manager of the station, and Jomel Cruz (Marketing). The 'Personalan' episode will air on the 22nd of June.

Laxamana, Dobles, Jon Tanganco, Alex Tiotuico, Grace Dayrit, and Nhoel Austria are the core members of Kalalangan Kamaru, the most recent project of which was the successful RocKapampangan album.

Production design of 'Personalan' by Jon Tanganco and Nhoel Austria.

Kamaru is still looking for Kapampangan-speaking actors (no age limit) to star in 'Kalam.' Interested people must submit their biodata and pictures (1 close up, 1 full body) to kamaruproductions@yahoo.com on or before the 4th of June.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Infomax and Kamaru announce call for actors

Here is a special news clipping from Infomax-8's I-Max News announcing the arrival of Kalam, the first ever Kapampanganovela in the country. We are still looking for interested actors. Please see previous entry for details.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Want to act for Kapampangan TV?

Kapabaluan! Infomax 8 and Kalalangan Kamaru are looking for Kapampangan-speaking actors to star in the first ever Kapampanganovela (Kapampangan TV series) to grace Philippine television.

Makiabe na ka! If you are interested in becoming part of this milestone in Philippine broadcasting history, email your 1) biodata/resume and 2) photos (close up and full body) to kamaruproductions@yahoo.com . Deadline of submission is on the 4th of June.

For inquiries, contact Jason @ 0918 699 2459 or Grace @ 0916 390 2074. For news and updates regarding the series, keep visiting this blog.

Kapampanganovela Teasers

Watch these teaser videos! Kapampanganovela is a term we coined for TV dramas in the Kapampangan language. It is the counterpart of concepts such as Cebuanovela, K-drama/Koreanovela, J-dorama, and the like.

Catch these teasers @ Infomax 8!