Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Youth contribute to Kapampangan Cultural Renaissance

The following series of videos is one full episode of Infomax' talk show Personalan which is shown weekly in Pampanga via Infomax-8 and ABSCBN Pampanga Channel 46.

In this episode, the creative production group Kalalangan Kamaru (creative producer of Kalam) was guested to send the message to fellow Kapampangan youth that denial of ethnicity, especially through rejection or concealment of mother language, is the most uncool thing in this period.

If you don't speak Kapampangan, you'll find that the videos have no subtitles but you may still want to watch to take a partial look at how Kapampangan mass media is progressing.

At the end of the show, Kalam became the topic of conversation. See the set of audition VTRs in the fifth video.


yaku mu said...

Kapampangan Cultural Renaissance...Sumlag ya ing kapampangan karing e-gana gana.

yaku mu said...

Mag-mall tour kayu ba yang lakwas sikan is Kalam. Ing success na ning Kalam, success nya naman ning kapampangan.