Friday, July 11, 2008

First taping day of 'Kalam'

Last July 10, the first taping day of Kalam was executed at the Holy Angel University. Amidst the technical limitations and weather nuisance, the crew was able to tape a couple of sequences.

Although it may not look like it at first glance, the production of the first episode is a spark of light in Kapampangan history, as it marks the very first day that Kapampangans -- from actors to producers, from camera men to production designers, from production assistants to technical directors -- engaged in the production of a TV drama that is equally kukuli king panga-Kapampangan (Kapampangan from top to bottom).

The staff and crew may have found the amount of work required in telenovela production surprising and a bit harder than usual, but in the long run, Kapampangans will get the hang of it, until we are able to perfect the craft. Then, knowing Kapampangans, once they have gotten the hang of this field, they will continually excel in it and even exceed what other peoples already deem satisfactory.

Can't get what we mean? Just look at how Kapampangans express their standard of beauty on giant lanterns. It does appear over the top to non-Kapampangans, but to us? That's just how lanterns should be.

Panyatang King Salapungan (Arriving at a Fork Road), the first episode of the Kapampanganovela, will give the viewers an idea of who Yubs, the main protagonist, is -- his being a secret magkukulam in Nursing school and how he deals with the rumors surrounding him among his peers.

Yubs will also encounter for the first time the enigmatic Albina, the mysterious ukluban who opens Yubs' eyes about his special ability and makes known to him the world of people with kalam, or gift.

Catch the premiere of Kalam on the 27th of August! Keep visiting this blog for updates! Watch this news clip (care of I-max News) about the first taping day:

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