Sunday, October 5, 2008

'Kalam' campus tour!

For further and more intimate promotion to the youth, the Kalam team is currently on a Pampanga Campus Tour, where a lecture about the developing Kapampangan mass media will be delivered, along with the screening of the first episode and other videos of interest.

Keep visiting this blog for updates.

September 12 - University of the Philippines Pampanga
September 16 - Angeles University Foundation
September 18, 19 - Asian College of Science and Technology
September 24 - Chevalier School
September 29 - Pampanga High School
October 7 - Holy Angel University

More to come.


Anonymous said...

wtf?! when does it really show? i can't wait to watch our own 'amanung sisuan.' i am so eager to watch kalam!!!!

Anonymous said...

wtf?! i can't wait for it to show. i am so eager to watch the very first kapampangan telenovela with a hint of folktales in it!